all american space time jump

video still
single chanel NTSC video of performance
steel, plywood, wallboard, radio controlled car, wireless video camera, LCD projector, performance
dimensions: variable

All American Time Space Jump, was a one-minute performance that was part of A Night of One Minute Performances hosted by Stelarc, at The Ohio State University. The piece involved a radio-controlled buggy with a wireless toy video camera mounted to the hood. The video was fed to a video projector, which produced an image on a white projection screen on one side of the room. Adjacent to the screen, a plywood skateboard style launch ramp was installed. The performance began opposite the ramp with a car resting on a welded steel apparatus with a large handle. When the lever was thrown, the car was released and sped toward the ramp. During two attempts to reach the ramp, the car sped out of control. The first run ended with the car striking the projection screen, and the second with the car careening into the crowd.